Efficient and Easier way to play content on your Retail Chain/Store Televisions

Thanks to zvaH App, now Televisions are able to display online content / media. Using APPSARA Framework zvaH App is able to deliver multimedia content to educate Consumer or Citizen, which empower organization with Digital Transformation

Android TV App

Developed using Kotlin Android, zvaH installs on Android TV, Android Set-top box.

Samsung TV App

Extend your Digital content onto Samsung Smart TV created using Tizen Studio.

LG Smart TV App

App for webOS TV to Display photos, play videos and music from remote on LG TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

get started with your own content to display on Amazon's Fire TV Stick.


Show global content

You can run global content on all the TVs or create different content per TV.

Instant Scheduling

you can schedule content with the timer for effective mass communication.

SAAS Based Model

No development/maintenance and easy instant onboarding for your business.

support popular format

zvaH Support Image, Video, web, scrolling text, Map and API Data.

Innovative Digital Customer Engagement & Experience in Retail sector!

This is suitable for any retail chains, hotels, restaurants, offices who wants to manage the TV contents remotely. You can run global content on all the TVs or create different content per TV, as well as you can schedule content with timer.


Easier way to play content on your Retail Store TVs

we offer latest in digital signage to create powerful, visually engaging customer experiences for businesses and retailers. Our digital signage solutions work seamlessly with current and cutting-edge technology such as Televisions, Projectors and large format display and more, allowing marketers to tailor on-screen messaging in real time.

Rapid Endroid TV app development platform

our framework is a reliable, user friendly professional software and app to create, schedule and manage your content. Giving you the opportunity to design, manage and deploy your own content with complete control of when that content is played across all connected Televisions.

zvaH for E Governance and Smart Cities

Public sector organizations ie Government are gradually transforming themselves to create citizen-centric Internet technologies. Apart from Promotion and Marketing Government can use Smart TVs to display vital citizen-focused content like Weather Alert or public transportation schedule using zvoH.





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